What is a clickable prototype?

A clickable prototype is an interactive representation of an application (mobile or web). This can be a powerful 1st step in the design and development process before jumping into building an MVP build. 

Interactive prototypes allow users and prospective clients to get a first glimpse of the future product. This can be an incredibly powerful tool to help with the following: 

Market Research 

Validate your product and engage with the market before you start building. Prototypes can help you to gather critical information and feedback before jumping into a full product build. Testing for product market and target market fit before building allows you to gain valuable insights into what the product should look and feel like. Making core functionality decisions early on based on real user experiences can save significant time, effort, and money.

Early Access

A strong landing page showcasing a future product can attract customers before you launch. Displaying your product/clickable prototype with a clear call to action for early access allows you to collect emails and track users. This generates engagement and gives you the opportunity to build a database of potential customers who want to learn more well before development even begins.


Showcase your vision to potential investors. An interactive prototype can take your pitch deck to the next level, especially if you can show that you already have early sign-ups or better yet, sales! VCs are much more likely to invest their funds in a future product if they can experience it hands-on and “feel” the value. It shows that you’ve done your research and already have a polished design ready for an MVP build. 

Design Planning Jumpstart

Once you’re ready to move into development, the bulk of initial designs and UI/UX components should be completed. Starting the development phase with this powerful interactive framework makes transitioning into a full build a more seamless process for the development team. Every step you’ve taken up to this point has helped influence the MVP build. 

A high-quality, interactive, clickable prototype can help shape the future of your product while helping to avoid wasted time, effort, and money. Consider these benefits before you take the plunge into full product development of a product you have yet to test and visualize. Here at Modern Launch, we pride ourselves on our strategic approach to design, UI/UX, and product development for startups and high-growth businesses. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business goals and bring your vision and application to life.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us. 

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