Education Technology (EdTech) Case Study: SpringPath

Take the work out of college search!

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About the Client

SpringPath is an edtech startup that has developed a platform for simplifying the college search process. Their platform connects students with universities directly, making it easier for both parties to find a good match.

The Background

As SpringPath prepared to grow their user base, they realized that their existing system was not capable of handling the scale they needed. They approached our software development agency with a request to rebuild their entire platform from scratch and implement a scalable approach that could handle the influx of new schools that they planned to onboard. They needed a system that could handle large amounts of data, support multiple user types, and provide a seamless experience for their users.

The Challenges

SpringPath faced several challenges in their existing system that required our expertise to overcome.
1. Their system was not designed to handle large volumes of data, which caused performance issues and led to user frustration.
2. Their platform lacked features that were critical for scaling their business, such as the ability to support multiple user types and handle complex workflows.

The Solution

To address these challenges, we worked closely with SpringPath to build a new system from the ground up. We used a scalable architecture that was designed to handle large amounts of data and traffic, and we implemented features that would allow SpringPath to onboard thousands of new schools to their platform seamlessly. We also built a flexible user management system that could handle multiple user types, from students to university administrators.

The Result

A robust, scalable platform that provides a seamless user experience for both students and universities. SpringPath was able to onboard thousands of new schools to their platform with ease, and their users enjoyed a fast, responsive platform that helped them find the perfect college match. Our work helped SpringPath achieve their growth goals and set them up for continued success.

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