Introducing, is the job portal of ExecutiveSearch.AI, a tech-first recruiting firm in Shibuya, Tokyo. ESAI partners with the top tech companies in Japan to find talented people like yourself. The team here at Modern Launch partnered with ESAI to launch their own AI-backed recruiting platform to revolutionize the job seeker experience and hiring process for Tech Jobs in Japan. We worked together to build a custom job board from scratch, powered by ESAI’s proprietary technology. We’re so excited to announce the launch of!

Launching a Custom Job Board: ESAI & Modern Launch | ESAI Homepage
Launching a Custom Job Board: ESAI & Modern Launch | ESAI SERP
Launching a Custom Job Board: ESAI & Modern Launch | ESAI Job Details

More About ESAI

“We are a specialist recruiting firm for the tech industry in Japan. We’re different. We choose an extremely small list of companies to partner with. These are our Tier-1 Customers. These include world-leading public companies, global corporations, and rocket-ship VC-backed startups.

The crown jewel of our company is Headhunt.AI — Our AI-based automated headhunting platform. We use GPT-3 (the same tech behind ChatGPT from OpenAI) to crunch millions of data points to identify and approach the very best passive candidates in the world to introduce our customers’ jobs. Often these jobs are confidential and extremely important in scope.

Our leadership team comes from a background of Silicon Valley, China and Japan. We are passionate about recruiting, building software, and investing in Japan’s tech industry.

We have hired over 200 Senior Executives, Software Engineers, Product Managers, and other difficult-to-fill positions since launching in 2018.”

Launching a Custom Job Board: ESAI & Modern Launch | ESAI Team Photo

What’s next?

The team at Modern Launch has partnered with ESAI to continue building out the next generation of the custom job board,, with new features and functionality based on user feedback and further advancements in technology. This is just the beginning as we work together to help shape the future of the job seeker experience and hiring process in Japan. Stay tuned as we have a few other products in the works with ESAI that are sure to shake up the space. 

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