People have become so used to having everything they want, delivered to them when they want it. Mobile apps and on-demand mobile app development is becoming more popular as smartphones and apps are more prevalent in modern life. Younger children are using their parents’ smartphones until they are old enough to have a device of their own. The average customer engages with web-based products and services from their phones. Mobile optimized websites can only go so far. This trend will only continue in the future as technology advances even further, perpetuating instant gratification and access to information at the fingertips. Keep reading to discover why on-demand mobile app development is taking over the world!

The opportunities are endless

Our daily lives are increasingly reliant on mobile devices and internet connectivity. Mobile apps offer a massive opportunity for company and user growth, simply because everyone has them on their person at all times. We live in a culture where consumers are quick to dismiss a product or service if the user experience isn’t seamless. 

Today’s devices are incredibly complex machines loaded with valuable onboard technologies like accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS, heart rate sensors, and cameras. Many big name bohemouths like Uber and Doordash have taken full advantage of the location-based convenience and connectivity of users through GPS integrations. Businesses can find success in meeting consumers’ needs for convenience and instant gratification just by granting them access to their products and services from their mobile phones and tablets. Add on-demand delivery and services to the mix and the customer experience is taken to another level of convenience. We’ve barely scratched the surface of future innovations as the onboard technology increases and innovations in the Internet Of Things (IOT) create a more connected world of technical devices and hungry customers. 

Challenges and things to consider

Although a mobile app can be an incredibly powerful resource for your business, there are several challenges and things to be aware of before jumping straight into development. Here are some key things to consider when choosing whether or not a mobile app is right for you: 

  • You will most likely need to develop your application for both IOS and Android devices. This adds another layer of complexity and can be more costly than building a mobile optimized web app or a mobile app for a single OS. This can also increase time to deployment for your product launch and make QA testing and ongoing maintenance more time consuming and costly.
  • Mobile development resources are in high demand and quality development services for IOS and Android can be costly. Increasing competition continues to drive up cots. 
  • Do you truly need a mobile application to launch your product, gain traction, and engage with early adopters? Often times for early stage startups, a high functioning mobile optimized website is worth consideration to move fast and iterate early on. 
  • In order for a user to leverage a mobile app, they need to physically download and install the app on their device, taking up space as a new application. This is customer friction and is a barrier that is worth considering when understanding your core user behavior. Web apps are easy to access and don’t require users to download anything or take up space on their devices.

Final thoughts

Mobile apps and on-demand mobile app development are increasing in popularity and will continue to influence user behavior. The way we access the internet has changed and mobile has become king. Regardless of where you website/application lives, it needs to be easily accessible on the modern smartphone. Customers have more power with higher expectations. Don’t fall behind the curve and make sure your user experience is a priority in your product decisions. 

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us. 

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