Real Estate Data Case Study: Propel

Democratizing real estate data.

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About the Client

Propel is a revolutionary market insights platform dedicated to providing top-tier investment insights, previously accessible only to multi-billion dollar investment funds, to a broader audience. Propel’s mission is to level the playing field for investors of all sizes, granting them access to the critical market information required to make well-informed investment decisions.

The Background

Propel approached our software development agency with a bold vision to create a platform that democratizes access to high-quality market insights. They sought a comprehensive, reliable, and user-friendly platform that would empower investors by providing them with the same level of data and analysis used by the largest investment funds.

The Challenges

Several challenges needed to be addressed to bring Propel’s vision to fruition:

  • Developing a multitude of data pipelines to gather, process, and analyze information from various sources.
  • Iterating on user interface design to create an intuitive and engaging user experience.
  • Designing an efficient data storage architecture to accommodate vast amounts of information and facilitate rapid data retrieval.
  • Implementing every aspect of the platform to ensure seamless integration of all components and functionality.

The Solution

Our software development agency worked closely with Propel to develop a platform that would revolutionize the way investors access market insights. Our team provided the following solutions:

  • Built dozens of data pipelines to gather, process, and analyze information from a wide array of sources, ensuring comprehensive market insights.
  • Iterated multiple times on the user interface design, resulting in an intuitive and engaging experience that allows investors to easily access and understand complex market data.
  • Designed an efficient data storage architecture that accommodates large volumes of information while facilitating rapid data retrieval for seamless user experience.

The Result

Through our expertise in software development, Propel successfully launched a game-changing web application that democratized access to high-quality market insights, leading to the following results:

  • Investors of all sizes now have access to the same level of market information as large investment funds, empowering them to make informed decisions.
  • Propel experienced rapid growth in its user base, as more investors recognized the value of having access to this previously exclusive data.
  • The user-friendly and intuitive platform led to high user engagement and satisfaction rates, resulting in increased user retention and referrals.
  • Propel’s innovative approach to market insights earned them recognition within the industry, positioning them as a leader in the democratization of investment data.

Our partnership with Propel enabled them to realize their ambitious vision, ultimately transforming the investment landscape by making top-tier market insights accessible to a wider audience.

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