Real Estate & PropTech Software Development Services

Real Estate is one of the largest and oldest industries in the world. It’s also been notoriously one of the slowest to embrace technology, until recently. Over the last few years the PropTech (Property Technology) industry has exploded, resulting in hundreds of new tech startups and billions of dollars in venture capital invested into streamlining every process that currently exists in real estate. Property management, deal analysis, lending, underwriting, escrow services, and data visualization are all examples of ways modern technology has been combined with recently available property data to make a dramatic impact on the real estate industry. At Modern Launch, we have a passion for real estate. Our founders have worked together over the last decade to build a seven figure real estate portfolio and have developed multiple PropTech platforms for a variety of customers. If there’s one thing we understand as much as technology, it’s real estate.

WashMyWhip Mobile App

Property Calculator is a free real estate investment analytics software. Run an analysis on any property in seconds to find out if it meets your financial goals.

Property Calculator was built using:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Node.js
  • React
      WashMyWhip Mobile App

      Propel enables real estate professionals to close deals faster by providing market insights that were previously only available to multi-billion dollar investment funds.

      Propel was built using:

      • React
      • Node
      • MySQL
      • Mapbox
      • Stripe
      • Mixpanel
      • Much more…